We are one of the few domestics pharmaceutical companies in China that possess advanced quality management, manufacturing and international supply chain management capabilities. We have advanced manufacturing facilities,a robust international supply chain system achieving high quality, and leading quality management systems.

At our Suzhou production center, the manufacturing area features a cutting-edge design with advanced equipment and production lines. The whole production process is carefully designed to ensure maximum quality of products and Six Sigma (6σ) quality level. Our systems realize engaged full automated informational system throughout the entire production process.

ERC is developing a state-of-the-art research and development center for respiratory medicines located in Suzhou. In 2019, our ERC research and development center passed its on-site inspection and obtained the drug manufacturing license issued by NMPA. We apply our robust proprietary quality management systems to ERC, ensuring high quality standards and facilitating the drug development process. 

We are building two inhalation technology platforms for nebulizer suspension and DPI drugs. Nowadays, the manufacturing technologies of Fluticasone Propionate Nebulizer Suspension (FPN) transfer is in the process from oversea to our ERC, which will enable us to manufacture FPN in our own manufacturing site.

We are one of the few pharmaceutical enterprises that have mastered international supply chain management. We manage Vancocin’s entire process, from the synthesis of API to the production of preparations, packaging, and finally importing the finished products to China. 

Vancocin’s process, from raw materials to procurement, production and import, involves transport across many countries in Europe and Asia, as well as the United States. The steps involve five professional overseas factories and a warehouse. Each batch of products must go through our end-to-end quality control procedures to ensure all the operations are in compliance with our quality requirements and applicable cGMPs, laws and regulations. In addition, we work with freight and logistics groups both in China and for our international supply chain. All our efforts are for the utmost safety of the drug’s use by patients.

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